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Efficient Turbulence Driven Lyα Escape in the Lyman Alpha Reference Sample

I am happy to announce that our paper about the molecular gas and dust in the Lyman Alpha Reference Sample (LARS) is now available through arXiv. Our main finding is that galaxies with high gas fractions and very long gas depletion times (>10Gyr) are at the same time those with the highest Lyman Alpha escape fractions (>20%). After analyzing observations carried out with numerous telescopes (APEX, IRAM 30m, Herschel. IRAS, AKARI, WISE), we conclude that turbulence is the main physical driver behind these high Lyα escape fractions (see Figure below).

Relation between Lyman Alpha Escape Fraction (y-axis) and the total gas (HI+H2) depletion time for LARS galaxies (Puschnig et al. 2020).